Plataran L'Harmonie Offers Eco-Friendly Hospitality in Bali

Yozua Makes, third from the right, chief executive officer of Plataran Indonesia, during the press conference in Jakarta on Friday (27/01). (Photo courtesy of Plataran Indonesia)

By : Sylviana Hamdani | on 9:27 PM February 02, 2017
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Jakarta. Plataran Indonesia, a local hospitality group, hopes to develop Indonesia's tourism industry by promoting environmental conservation efforts through the introduction of their newest resort hotel, Plataran L'Harmonie in West Bali National Park.

The resort — which was officially opened in May 2016 and designed by American award-winning eco-planner, Hitesh Mehta — boasts 382 hectares of land situated within the pristine park. 

"It's the one and only hotel within a national park," Yozua Makes, chief executive officer of Plataran Indonesia, during the press conference in Jakarta on Friday (27/01).

The national park houses 175 species of flora, 167 bird species, deer, grey monkeys, bulls, pheasants and leopard cats.

The seaside resort, which faces the famous diving spot Menjangan Island, offers 55 luxurious villas, a beach club, spa, infinity pool, jetty and yachts available for hire to scour the resort and its surroundings.

The sea surrounding the resort is home to sea turtles, eagle rays, pygmy seahorses, whales, as well as 110 coral reef species.

But what makes the resort special is how it blends in with the natural surroundings of the national park to help conserve its wildlife.

Each building in the resort is designed to complement its natural surroundings. The resort also uses sophisticated water-efficient technology and waste management systems to protect the natural environment.

"We go all out [when designing the resort] because we're really passionate about what we're doing," Yozua said.

The resort also has a Bali starling sanctuary to promote conservation of a bird known locally as Jalak Bali, a native species.

"These exotic birds are near extinction. At the resort, we breed and then integrate them with their natural surroundings," Yozua said.

Its scientific and research education center offers ecotourism programs for children to encourage them to explore, appreciate and preserve nature.

"There are currently a lot of alien species on the island. They prey on the native plants and endanger the island's ecosystem. We weed them out and plant the island's own native species instead," he said referring to the resort's own plant nursery.

Guests are encouraged to plant native trees in the nursery before they leave the resort.

"I planted an Intaran seed when I visited the resort last year. Now I always have a reason to return there," Becky Tumewu, an Indonesian television presenter who hosted the press conference, said.

The resort was named on the list of the world's Top 100 Green Destinations in Ljubljana, Slovenia, in September 2016.

The resort has a number of exciting plans for 2017 Yozua said, "We're going to present the first nature marathon in West Bali on July 9."

On Oct. 6, the resort is also going to host a traditional boat carnival.

"We're also going to develop integrated eco-tourism packages with other nearby national parks, including Alas Purwo, Baluran Ijen and Meru Betiri this year," Yozua said.

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